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    As-built / Laser Scanning / 3D Modelling

    Through our partner METI we offer turnkey services for existing facilities that require and up-to-date and accurate 3D model or as built drawings for their assets

    METI’s newest service S∞D is a state-of-the-art digital transformation solution designed specially for the energy industry. S∞D services provide intelligent, connected, Smart ∞ Dimensions modelling for the capital asset management of existing and new facilities. Engineering-grade 3D models are created using cutting-edge laser scanning systems and image-based sensors.

    S∞D services are designed to serve the energy upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. Services include smart as builts for brownfields and monitoring of pipeline strain, settlements and deformations. Vehicle tracking and customized asset management through real-time tracking are also available

    Laser Scanning

    • METI provides comprehensive laser scanning and imaging services, from the on-site data acquisition stage to the processing of field-collected data, including the production of 2D and 3D deliverables, and even to the establishment of precision control. The scanned data can be delivered to the client as point cloud data or converted to 3D as-built model for use with popular CAD programs. Laser scanning becomes an indispensable tool in producing measurable difference for service professionals across many industries to visualize schematic structures, test what-if scenarios, validate their plans, and detect clashes or problems with design quality.

    3D Modelling and P&IDs

    • METI generates 3D as-is models to which pertinent documentation can be added, such as access points, asset tags, and P&IDs. Field-collected data from laser scans, in the form of point clouds, renders very accurate to-scale models that represent existing structure and infrastructure conditions. The resultant virtual model and database may also be exported to complementary CAD systems as the basis for many of the facility’s workings in ongoing engineering projects and modifications.
    • METI ensures that 3D laser scanning is the only way to develop highly accurate and reliable P&IDs and that professionals will work off accurate data and avoid precision discrepancies incurred through conventional methods and techniques that may have drastic consequences in the long-term. METI takes pride in maintaining professionals’ trust that the information is exact to confidently rely on P&IDs in interpreting plans.

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