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    Drill Bits

    Drill Bits

    As MODUS sole agent in Egypt we proudly offer MODUS Almas drill bits range.

    A proud 100% Omani product that has managed to meet the highest international standards and outperform the competitive drill bits performance and price.
    Almas drill bits are made up of steel or matrix polycrystalline diamond (PDC), the product range includes Fixed Cutter PDC, Bi-Centre PDC, Natural Diamond, and Impregnated bits, with sizes available up to 17 1/2″.

    Drilling Predictive Simulator

    MODUS has developed its own drilling operations simulation software known as PayZone. MODUS PayZone Drilling Simulator helps the operator with the following operations: drilling, hydraulics optimization, directional drilling, dealing with kicks and losses, handling hole stability problems, Logging, Casing and Cementing. Built around a drilling mechanics model that predicts the rate of penetration and rate of wear of a drill bit as a function of the bit design, formation and the set of operating parameters. PayZone can be used for training as well as planning and optimizing field operations.

    Other Drilling Equipment

    • Drilling Reamers
    • Drilling Turbines
    • Drilling Mud Motors
    • Drilling Automation

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