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    One of Obelisk’s main missions is to utilise local skills and engineering talents, obelisk therefore provides an offering to combine local experienced team with world class consultants to form a competent and competitive engineering teams.

    • Providing highly skilled engineering team to act as client representative.
    • Performing engineering for offshore and onshore project.
    • Supporting Clients from concept to execution phases.
    • Brings world class expertise and consultants to support engineering teams.
    • Project feasibility studies.
    • Specialized numerical and analytical analysis.
    • Failure investigation expertise to identify the root causes and provide solutions and repair plans for subsea assets.
    • Develop and manage testing programs for projects; i.e material testing, components capacity or welding testing.

    Conceptual Assessment

    Tender Support

    Flow Assurance

    Subsea Pipelines

    Subsea Structures

    Subsea Controls

    Drafting Services

    Numerical Analysis


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