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    Hydrogen Technology

    Power Generation Supplies Company Ltd (PGSCO), Nel and Proton exclusive agent in Egypt and North Africa has appointed Obelisk as its sole reseller in the Oil & Gas sector.

    Nel and Proton have merged recently into one firm; the world’s leading company in hydrogen technology. Our hydrogen units production rates range from 0.5 up to 485 Nm³ H2/hr covering all applications and with the highest purity of up to 99.9995%.

    Not only do we provide the full product range of Nel and Proton but we also provide turnkey solutions for hydrogen technologies including installation, commissioning, spare parts, maintenance, and on-site support.

    Nel and Proton products and services are well recognized in Egypt for 15+ years with a long reference list.

    For more info please visit protononsite.com and nelhydrogen.com.

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