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    Below is a list our partners that we are proud to work with to bring you the best solution for your company.

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    Advanced Technology Valve (shortly ATV) is a global leader in the manufacturing of subsea valves whose mission is to serve the energy industry with products of the highest standard of reliability.

    ATV supplies to the offshore industry a full range of valves and actuators that can operate at great ocean depths (deep and ultra-deep waters, up to 3.000 m) with working pressure up to 20000 psi. Moreover, ATV offers a full range of valves for hydrocarbons processing, for pipeline applications and for the power industries.

    The Company is located in Colico (Italy), approximately one hundred kilometres north of Milan, on the eastern shore of lake Como.

    ATV adapts its products to the unique needs of their clients while carefully complying with international standards. The company is deeply investing to do innovation in the valve industry in view of offering highly qualified products for the new challenges.

    The company has pioneered technological development in the valve industry for forty years and remain committed to providing solutions to the ever-evolving project requirements of the present. Teams of engineers with focus to disciplines such as structural analysis, fatigue analysis, risk analysis, flow modelling, material engineering, fracture mechanics, welding processes and volumetric examination work together to ensure the dependability of ATV products.

    OPS are proud to be ATV’s sole sales representative in Egypt for the subsea product range, complementing their vast experience and supply record with our local presence, technical support and knowledge of the Egyptian offshore scene.

    For more info, please visit atvspa.com.

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    Reservoir behavior in hard to predict, and even when it is, it is still a challenge to design a transportation network and processing facility that will accommodate the reservoir over its full producing life in a cost-effective manner.

    ClampOn is the largest supplier of non-intrusive ultrasonic systems to the petroleum sector worldwide.

    With ClampOn, we will help you – the Operator – safeguard your facilities against upsets, maximize equipment availability, monitor reservoir behavior thereby maximizing production. Uncomplicated technology, modular design, easy installation and little or no calibration are keywords describing
    ClampOn’s range of instruments.

    This range includes sand monitors, PIG detectors, vibration monitors, leak monitors, condition monitors, well collision detectors and corrosion-erosion monitors

    ClampOn is represented in all major regions that are vital to the petroleum industry, OPS is proud to be ClampOn’s representative in the growing and dynamic Egyptian offshore and onshore market.

    We are able to provide ClampOn clientele in Egypt support in the following areas:

    • In-country focal point for technical and commercial inquiries around ClampOn’s range of equipment – OPS will ensure clear and swift communication between both ends
    • Logistical support during product delivery
    • Commissioning support when your sensors are first brought online, to help get the best possible results from your ClampOn equipment
    • Routine follow-up to ensure your ClampOn equipment is providing the best possible value
    • First-line troubleshooting for any technical issues

    For further info, please visit ClampOn.com

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    One of Egypt’s most prominent manufacturers and importers in the automotive industry. RK Import is the agent of some of the top brands in the automotive industry such as SKF, Brembo, MANN+HUMMEL, Gates, ROWE and much more.

    RK Import is a sister company of Egyptian Brake System Co.: A legacy of quality Egyptian Brake System Co. is the Middle East’s leading manufacturer of brake components for the automotive industry, including brake discs, drums and hubs in addition to complete front and rear axles assembly. Egyptian Brake System Co. is a name synonymous with reliability, precision and performance. From the carefully selected materials to the finished product, our signature guarantees the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The essence of our leadership in the regional market stems from our long history of superior quality and performance that started nearly 60 years ago. Egyptian Brake System Co. (EBS) is a member of El Teriak Group a leading automotive subsidary established in 1948.

    Through its large industrial and warehousing facilities coupled with extensive experience in logistics and procurement, RK Import has the competitive edge of extensive inventory as well as quick and efficient order fulfilmen.

    Obelisk Petroleum Services is the sole distributor of RK Import products in the Oil and Gas sector in Egypt.

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    OsmaCom is the latest off-spring of the Osman Group of companies, dedicated to providing businesses in the Middle East with a fast, efficient tailor made solutions that aim at setting the benchmark for excellence throughout the MENA region.

    Established in 2007, OsmaCom aims at fulfilling the explosive needs of the industrial sector at the desired quality and at a convenient time-frame. OsmaCom utilizes world-class technology and a pool of experts to establish new quality standards that comply with global quality standards and the various export requirements. OsmaCom has established a state of the art manufacturing center in Sadat City over a massive area of 20,000m2 to accommodate the different manufacturing specializations and ensure adherence to the highest standards of production at all times.

    Osman Group (OG) comprises of more than thirteen companies specialized in the fields of construction, industrial, agricultural and commercial businesses. The group is considered as one of the largest and most reputable private corporations in the Middle East and Africa whose history goes back to the early 1950s.

    The group’s origin goes back to the Arab Contractors Company (TAC) that was established in the 1950s by Eng. Osman Ahmed Osman and his brother Eng. Hussein Ahmed Osman. The Arab Contactors Company was nationalized by the Egyptian government after the 1952 revolution. The group was established in 1977 under the investment law of Egypt No. 43 and has a paid capital of L.E. 25 millions.

    The group’s annual turnover is surpassing over EGP 600 millions and is composed of several specialized industrial, contracting, agricultural and general engineering companies located in Egypt, Arab countries and all over the world. In the last few years, the labor force of Osman Group has surpassed more than four thousands employees and is still growing.

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