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    Protection Structures

    Concrete mattresses are a key component to offshore installation contractors. Simple in design, mattresses can help achieve a number of objectives:

    Risk of damage to subsea infrastructure due to fishing activity is on the rise – offshore in general and in the east Med in specific. Fishing boats and trauling equipment are advancing to achieve greater sea-depths and marine routes are becoming more congested.

    Protection of subsea assets is therefore a growing concern to offshore operators. Utilisation of mattresses is ideal in areas where the risk is limited in foot-print, or where trenching / concrete coating is not applicable.

    With legacy subsea infrastructures growing, challenge is posed to future developments in laying production lines (rigid or flexible) and umbilicals without risking damage to existing facilities being crossed during installation, during operation (as a result of spanning or break-down of soil and protection sheath) or causing interference of signals where electrical cables cross existing cables.

    Mattresses help achieve a constant separation during installation and throughout field life.

    Dynamic analysis often results in potential for pipeline instability in certain locations due to the various operating scenarios over field life and potential spanning.

    Concrete mattresses often provide a low cost solution to address localized instability risks.

    Obelisk is currently progressing the development of locally fabricated concrete mattresses, in conjunction with local leading universities to develop concrete mixes tailored specifically to our clients’ functional requirements.

    3rd party ISO-certified labs are utilized by Obelisk for testing and certification, prior to hand-over to our clients, providing an additional level of assurance to our clients.

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