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    Subsea Valves

    Obelisk is proud to be ATV’s sole sales representative in Egypt for the subsea product range, complementing their vast experience and supply record with our local presence, technical support and knowledge of the Egyptian offshore scene.

    ATV subsea product range includes:

    • Subsea Side Entry Ball Valves – A compact and cost effective solution for many high flow subsea applications
    • Subsea Top Entry Ball Valves – A compact envelope, suitable for high pressure high temperature service
    • Subsea Actuators – A wide range of subsea mechanical gear and hydraulic actuators (linear and quarter turn) tailored to meet Customer requirements with the highest level of performance and reliability
    • Subsea Through Conduit Slab Gate Valve – Unmatched robustness in harsh services with high pressures and high temperatures
    • Subsea Through Conduit Double Expanding Gate Valve – The authentic Double Block and Bleed Valve, that grants zero leaks
    • Subsea Swing Check Valve – A valve designed to prevent the backflow of fluids, often used as isolation valve
    • Subsea Nozzle Check Valve – A full bore check valve with high Cv and high-speed response time

    For more info, please visit atvspa.com

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