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With an exceptional vision of developing a globally competitive Omani integrated technology development and drilling Services Company, MODUS was established in 2013 and started developing its competitive drilling product range in 2016.

The combination of MODUS’ founders experience in the drilling industry coupled with the technological and academic edge of the company’s technology partners (Texas A&M University at Qatar, Sultan Qaboos University and Qatar Science and Technology Park) are what contributes to the unprecedented success of the MODUS product range in few months’ time of commercialization. The Obelisk – MODUS partnership aims at providing the full range of competitive services to our clients in the oil and gas sector in Egypt. Obelisk is MODUS sole agent in Egypt.

With a number of engineering offices in the region –including an office in Egypt- MODUS engineering and application teams are geared up to collect, understand and analyse client requirements to come up with the optimum drill bit design.

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