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OsmaCom is the latest off-spring of the Osman Group of companies, dedicated to providing businesses in the Middle East with fast, efficient tailor made solutions that aim at setting the benchmark for excellence throughout the MENA region.

Established in 2007, OsmaCom aims at fulfilling the explosive needs of the industrial sector at the desired quality and at a convenient time-frame. OsmaCom utilizes world-class technology and a pool of experts to establish new quality standards that comply with global expectations and the various export requirements. OsmaCom has established a state of the art manufacturing centre in Sadat City over a massive area of 20,000m2 to accommodate the different manufacturing specializations and ensure adherence to the highest standards of production at all times.

Osman Group (OG) comprises of more than thirteen companies specialized in the fields of construction, industrial, agricultural and commercial businesses. The group is considered one of the largest and most reputable private corporations in the Middle East and Africa whose history goes back to the early1950s.

The group’s origin goes back to the Arab Contractors Company (TAC) that was established in the 1950s by Eng. Osman Ahmed Osman and his brother Eng. Hussein Ahmed Osman. The Arab Contactors Company was nationalized by the Egyptian government after the 1952 revolution. The group was established in 1977 under the investment law of Egypt No. 43 and has a paid capital of L.E. 25 millions.

The group’s annual turnover is surpassing over EGP 600 millions and is composed of several specialized industrial, contracting, agricultural and general engineering companies located in Egypt, Arab countries and all over the world. In the last few years, the labour force of Osman Group has surpassed more than four thousands employees and is still growing.

Obelisk is OsmaCom’s exclusive partner in the Oil & Gas sector in Egypt.

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