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XSENS`s meters are using new innovative ultrasonic technology to obtain best possible accuracy.

All meters have a clamp-on design with all its benefits (no leakage, easy to install, low weight, cost). It uses ultrasonic technology but in a novel way being able to measure a full velocity profile similar to inline ultrasonic meters.

The meters can be used in a variety of applications, not only the oil and gas industry, but also for water measurements and in the process industry.

Utilizing both axial and helical transducers (patented), XSENS is able to measure flow velocity off-centre as well as through the center. This has not been possible before with a clamp-on design and ensures optimal accuracy.

XSENS technology is also capable of measuring 0-100% watercut  utilizing speed of sound signals and newly proprietary models to interpret the data. This means  clients  get  flow and watercut measurements from the same meter.

XSENS received the Spotlight Award for the Most Innovative New Technology at Offshore Technology Conference in Houston 2019, and in 2020 XSENS won the ADIPEC Award for Best Oil and Gas Start-up Company.

Where to use XSENS flow meters:

  • Downstream test & production separators
  • Pipeline to/from storage tanks
  • Allocation measurement (liquid and gas)
  • Loading / off loading